3 Reasons You Need To Buy A Home Now!

Buying a home by the end of 2017 may be the best thing for you and your family since interest rates have started to climb. Inventory is relatively low on average and the prices for these homes are increasing. If you don’t jump aboard the real estate train soon, you might be too late. It… Continue reading 3 Reasons You Need To Buy A Home Now!

Agent Spotlight: Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith is an agent you can count on! She has been in the Real Estate business since 2002 and has been nonstop ever since. Recently she has taken one of our newer agents under her wing and is guiding her through the paperwork mountain that is Real Estate. Which is why this month Jennifer… Continue reading Agent Spotlight: Jennifer Smith

Home Maintenance Tasks You Need to Tackle in November

Even though Florida is lucky enough to not experience the snow winters the north faces, we still get pretty bone-chillingly cold down here. So before it gets too cold to work outside, take the month to button up your home for the weather to come. We also know you’re busy, so we have taken the… Continue reading Home Maintenance Tasks You Need to Tackle in November

Lakeland Local Spotlight: YLakeland

This week’s Lakeland Local Spotlight is on YLakeland. YLakeland is an initiative of the Lakeland Economic Development Council that connects young professionals in college to opportunities and events happening around Lakeland. Each semester YLakeland tasks a college student to capture the latest news around Lakeland. The focal points of these stories reflect the interests of… Continue reading Lakeland Local Spotlight: YLakeland

Local Spotlight: CPS Investment Advisors

This week for S&D Real Estate Services local spotlight  we will take a look at CPS Investment Advisors, located in the heart of Downtown Lakeland at 205 East Orange Street. CPS Investment Advisors began right here in Lakeland, Florida in 1975, by Chas P. Smith. In the beginning, they offered traditional tax and accounting services with… Continue reading Local Spotlight: CPS Investment Advisors