Our Story

S&D Real Estate Services was opened on October 2014 by long time Lakeland residents, Shawn and Dee McDonough. Their combined 30+ years of experience make them true area Group 1experts. The mission of S&D Real Estate Services is to work diligently for clients earning trust and guaranteeing satisfaction with every aspect of the home buying and selling process. Through effective communication, proven results, and progressive measures the S&D Real Estate team is able to ensure client goals are not only met, but far exceeded. 


Shawn McDonough works exclusively with the buyers. His experience includes16 years and includes a Realtor of the Year award in 2001. “I love meeting such a wide variety of people and help them find the home of their dreams by actively listening to their specific needs.”

Dee Chandler-McDonough works with all sellers. Her experience includes 26 years and not one, but two Realtor of the Year awards in 2003 and 2008. “I love working with sellers because I am able to help them achieve their goal of getting their homes sold by helping with staging, marketing, and negotiations.”