Find Out Why You No Longer Love Your Home

When you finally fall in love with a home and move in, after a few months you start to realize all the things you didn’t get. The kitchen that was so spacious now feels cramped or you master bathroom really needs 2 sinks instead of one. So instead of looking for new real estate listings ask yourself these questions.

Have you given it enough time?

Having a little bit of buyer’s remorse after a home purchase is a natural feeling. I mean you did just spend a ton of money on this house. The first year or so is usually the hardest but eventually this passes. One good way to help this process along is to start changing things to make the house yours. This doesn’t really mean unloading another small fortune on a renovation, but moving all your belongings in and painting a room a different color can be enough make you love your home again.

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Did you consider the bigger picture?

There can be so many reasons to love a house, from a roof deck to a huge kitchen. However, in the same way meeting someone’s in-laws can be a make-or-break moment, a home’s surroundings matter just as much as the house itself.

Sometimes you can find the home of your dreams just not in the community that you want, and to some people this isn’t a big deal but for others it’s make or break. It is important to know which you are so you don’t buy a home a realize you hate the location and realize that you can’t live with it.

Are you willing to roll up your sleeves and work?

When simply changing the paint color isn’t enough you could have to start renovating. This doesn’t necessarily mean dropping $50,000+ on kitchen and bathrooms, unless of course you want to. However, just by spending a few grand for new floors can be enough to keep you in the house to continue to do renovations. Like relationships, houses need work and if you can’t afford to do everything at once, by doing things one at a time you prolong your happiness.

Have you followed your instincts?

If you do decide to do the work and put your stamp on a home, don’t be led astray too much by the return on investment. Sure, it’s important, but if you plan to live there for at least 5 years, fads will change by then, so rather than chase these trends, just do what will make you happy.



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