Agent Spotlight: Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith is an agent you can count on! She has been in the Real Estate business since 2002 and has been nonstop ever since. Recently she has taken one of our newer agents under her wing and is guiding her through the paperwork mountain that is Real Estate. Which is why this month Jennifer Smith is in our Agent Spotlight this month!

Prior to 2002, when Jennifer got her RE License, she managed numerous corporations that owned Real Estate. So Real Estate has always been a part of her life.  Right after she got her License she jumped right into property management and the Real Estate world took her jennifer-2for a spin. By the end of the year, Jennifer had expanded her expertise, because she was now working with buyers and sellers. This was not really the plan but she was constantly getting asked for her help. “I always loved working and helping others and the sales side was it for me. Helping Buyers and Sellers with their biggest investments of their lives I found very rewarding and challenging all at the same time.”

Then in 2014 Jennifer obtained her broker’s license and continues down the Real Estate path.

When you work in this industry for so long you stumble upon some pretty interesting people and come back with some epically hilarious stories.  One time when Jennifer was holding an open house and a couple walked in and Jennifer instantly greeted them and started talking to them about the home and its features, as well as the community. She was so confident, that she knew by the end of the tour this couple would be willing to sign a contract. However, at the end of the tour, Jennifer had discovered that this couple was actually the homeowners! “They were delightful people and didn’t take my time from others but we all laughed for days after that. They said I just about had them rethinking selling.” When you can sell a house so well the original owners contemplate whether or not to sell it, you are an amazing realtor.

However, as we are all aware Real Estate is an ever changing market and things are not always peaches and cream. 2008 is a pretty good example of this. During the market crash a lot of Realtors found themselves begging for buyers because there was so much inventory and no one was really buying. Plus most of the houses for sale were either foreclosures or jennifer-1short sales, two things that require even more paperwork and even more risk of falling apart. During this time, Jennifer was able to adapt and she became a short sale expert and every sale was a long and tedious journey, but eventually the market started to recover. “ I’ve been through seller’s markets and buyers markets and back again…Real Estate, the industry of guaranteed change. Change creates opportunity…Opportunity to sell, opportunity to buy.”

When Jennifer is not absolutely killing it at the Real Estate game she LOVES spending time with her family and her new granddaughter. “ You can never  have enough of that.” She has also traveled all over the US and even to Japan, but she says that her favorite vacation does not exist, simply because she loves going to new places. “I’m fortunate to travel quite a bit and would probably say new spots are my favorite. Ya, I agree, that sounds odd but with that being said I can’t tell you much about my “favorite” vacation because I haven’t been there yet.”

Finally, Jennifer’s advice for a new Real Estate Agent is to never feel the need to know everything, because you never will. She states that you also have to love working with a vast amount of people, that are each very different. “People are your business. Sure we sell homes but your customers are your buyers and sellers, not the walls surrounding them.” Jennifer also says to be prepared for the unexpected, the market can change at any moment for a wide variety of reasons. This is the market of constant change and no two transactions will ever be the same.

So long story short, put Jennifer Smith, in your cell phone and give her a call because she can not wait to work with you in the near future!


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