Agent Spotlight: Cannon Kirby

Cannon Kirby is a beloved member of our S&D Family who always is the first to offer up assistance to those who need it, which is why for this month, Shawn & Dee McDonough, the Broker/Owners, have chosen Cannon as our Agent in the Spotlight!

Even though Cannon has only been in Real Estate since 2015, he has made a massive impact on not only our office family but in Real Estate as well. Cannon cares about every

Cannon with his Family

one of his clients and he treats them as if they were a part of his family, which is how just this year he has reached over 30 transactions and has continuously been one of our top sales leaders each month!  But when he isn’t in the office, Cannon enjoys duck hunting with his dog, Birdie, and spending time with his wife, three kids, and friends.

Before Cannon got into the Real Estate business, he studied English Literature at USF and got a job as the Restaurant Manager at Fred’s Market. Now he is absolutely killing it in Real Estate and since he has been so successful he shares his knowledge with the newer agents. Cannon is always the first one to help a new agent get on their feet and show them the ropes. He loves teaching and helping people out, one of our other agents, Alex Sessums stated,

“Cannon makes a positive difference in others lives and expects nothing in return. In both business and in his person life, Cannon is giving, loyal and generous. He has taught me how to be the best agent I can be and because of that I appreciate his wisdom and friendship.”

Alex Sessum & Cannon Kirby

Also just a few months ago Cannon was in the middle of a transaction with another agent, Nan Macginnis, and she loved his personality so much she decided the place her license with S&D as well. She said,

“I haven’t known Cannon long but he is the sole reason (initially) I chose to work with S&D.  Cannon listed the home I purchased and I met him at the showing. As a long-time (former) HR person, I learned to do “quick reads” of the behaviors and words of the many people with whom I came in contact. My quick read was correct. Cannon is a genuine, gracious man of integrity (very intelligent, too) and I am pleased and proud to be affiliated with and mentored by him. Thanks, Cannon!”

Cannon has made perhaps the biggest impact on our S&D Family, because he is always there when you need him to answer a few questions or help out with something, and that goes for clients and agents. His down to earth personality is not something commonly found in the world, which is why here at S&D Real Estate Services we could not be more proud of what Cannon has accomplished and how he continues to give back.


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