Decorating For Halloween on a Budget

Halloween is right around the corner which means we need to decorate! Now decorating in Florida can be difficult since it doesn’t get cool around here until November, and it doesn’t really feel like fall. But that doesn’t mean you can let your house go undecorated for your kids favorite sugar-filled holiday. Decorating for Halloween is one of the easiest holidays to decorate for considering nothing has to be done neatly. I mean have you ever seen a pristine haunted mansion? However, decorating can be expensive, so here are a few ways you can still decorate without sucking your bank account dry.

Mummy Door

Make your home scary starting at the front door! Wrap paper streamers or white packing tape around your front door to make it look like a mummy. You may even find giant eyes to slip into the bandages for an extra-freaky effect.

Haunted Portraits

Do a Google Image search for “Oil Painting Portrait” or similar. And find something that will look spooky in the right environment. Download the image, blow it up as much as you can, and print it. Don’t worry if it is a little blurry, poor quality adds to the effect. Then just stick it into a picture frame.

Balloon Ghost

Hang up some ghosts by tying a piece of a white garbage bag or paint cloth over a balloon and tying at the neck. They look best when a few are hanging from trees.

Mad Scientist Specimens

Grab some spiders, eyeballs, brains, bats, and other creepy things from your party store and throw them into a jar with some water and green food coloring. Put them in front of a spooky light for a maximum scary effect.

With these decorating tips, your house will surely be the best on the block! If you are looking for a new house to decorate contact us and we will set you up with an amazing Real Estate agent that will help you find the perfect home.


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