Lakeland Local Spotlight: YLakeland

This week’s Lakeland Local Spotlight is on YLakeland. YLakeland is an initiative of the Lakeland Economic Development Council that connects young professionals in college to opportunities and events happening around Lakeland. Each semester YLakeland tasks a college student to capture the latest news around Lakeland. The focal points of these stories reflect the interests of each intern. Some of the interns enjoy trying new foods while others enjoy art and history. The wide variety of stories makes YLakeland a unique place to get amazing stories.

Swan Lake MortonAre you considering moving to Lakeland? You must hear what Victoria Bardega, who is a YLakeland Online Editing Intern, has to say about our city. “Lakeland is an up-and-coming city that features a beautiful, warm sense community. It has some of the most incredible cuisine and handcrafted native goods… Lakeland has everything from awesome coffee shops to great shop areas.” Lakeland has plenty of areas to work, live, shop, and have fun. Also, Lakeland is only a 45 min drive to Tampa and Orlando so we are never too far from a good time. For nightlife in Lakeland Victoria says, “801 East Main Street (The Poor Porker) is an amazing night life environment with an open bar, freshly made beignets + coffees and live music to put you at ease.”

There are many reasons as to why Lakeland would be a great place to move, however, Victoria had this to say, “With its progressing growth, it tends to feel like it’s becoming a big city. But the sense of community keeps it feeling like a close-knit family. People should move to Lakeland to join the movement of growth happening here. From the support of local business ventures to our community events, Lakeland is a home to everyone that inspires creativity and innovation.”

Lakeland is no longer the small town it used to be and is growing substantially making it a great investment. Despite its, growth Lakeland has kept the small town charm and is a wonderful place to live. If you are making the move to Lakeland and don’t know where to begin, contact us to help you find your dream home!



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