Home Staging Tips | Sell Your Home Faster

When it comes to selling your home for more, staging can go a long way. There are several different approaches to staging and today we are going to focus on home staging cleaning tips that you can integrate into your home, at a very low cost! The average home staging costs homeowners around $675. If homeowners can get just a 1% increase in the purchase price, that equates to a $200,000 house selling for $2,000 extra dollars.

  1. Detach Yourself From Your Home

Here are just a few of the personal items you should consider packing away during the selling process. Packing away your personal items allows for home shoppers to more easily imagine their family in your home.

  • Pack up the family photos.
  • Consider putting away memorabilia.
  • Turn heavily-themed rooms into more neutral spaces.
  • Hide personal keepsakes.
  1. Empty Your Closets

Buyers are usually looking for plenty of storage space. If you leave closets half full, buyers will get the impression that there is more storage space throughout your home. Who doesn’t love more storage?

  1. Focus Up Front
  • Make the foyer welcoming and open, it’s your home’s first impression.
  • Hide the utility items like keyholders and coat racks.
  • Consider spending a little on adding a small bench or a vase of flowers to the entryway.
  • Consider repainting the wall closest to the entry.
  1. Cleaning & Arranging
  • Hire a professional cleaning staff to go through your entire home before the showing.
  • Try to pack up each room by 30%, this will help make the home feel larger. Consider renting a storage unit if needed!
  • Rearrange the furniture to promote the best flow throughout your house.
  • Use neutral colors on the walls, but bring color to your property with furniture and decorations. You don’t want the property to be too loud or too weak.
  • Be sure to clean the carpets and replace any pieces that are permanently damaged.
  • Brighter bulbs give a better appearance! You will want to fill the house with at least 100-watt bulbs.
  • Don’t forget to clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans!
  • Remove items from the kitchen counters such as coffee makers, toasters, microwaves, etc. These items take up space and make the kitchen appear crowded.
  • Set the dinner table and other tables/bars in the house. This helps buyers easily imagine living there.
  • Don’t forget, kitchen cabinets may be opened and examined. Be sure to organize them and make it as appealing as possible.

These home staging and cleaning tips help enhance the selling process and they are all relatively easy and inexpensive to do! If you are currently trying, or wish, to sell your home and have questions about staging or selling process, please contact one of the real estate experts here at S&D Real Estate Services! We look forward to helping you.


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