School District Home Buying Benefits

Living in a good Florida school district doesn’t just bring better teachers, books, and test scores, it also can help keep home values and make sure faster resale rates.

It is a smart move to consider the Florida school district quality in your home buying decision, although there are pros and cons to buying in top-notch school regions. Parents hoping to land a good home deal and give their kids access to a high-quality education have several costs to consider. Generally, you will find that pricier homes in a strong public school district may actually be a better bargain than cheaper homes in other districts.

Seeking Good Public Schools

Many buyers search for Real Estate by Florida school districts and say that this is one of the key factors in their home-buying decision. In a recent survey, 19% of Americans indicated that their dream home location is in a great Florida school district. However, among parents with children under 18, the percentage of American who want to live in a great Florida school district jumps to 35%.

How can you tell if your potential new homes are in a district that makes the grade? Consider the age of the school, facility conditions, the student-to-teacher ratios, and the standardized test scores.

The Bigger Picture

It’s not as simple as it may seem to draw conclusions between Florida school districts and Real Estate. There are also private schools to consider as well. Parents looking for homes in lower-rated districts but who still want quality education may want to factor in the cost of a private education. Tuition rate varies widely, but average tuition cost is $10,940, which is the same as $912 per month in addition to mortgage payments, according to a 2014 analysis. However, home prices and school tuitions vary so widely, buyers will have to calculate these differences on their own, along with all the other factors that go into the home buying decision making.

Consider the Future

When it comes to resale value, even for buyers without children, investing in a good-quality Florida school district can pay off. Homes in good school districts tend to sell faster than homes in lower-quality school districts. During tougher economic times that trigger declines in home values, homes in better school districts usually hold their value more than homes in lower-quality Florida school districts.

Talk To An Expert

If you are looking for a new home in Central Florida with an amazing school district, contact us today! All of our agents are experts and know the area like the back of their hand, so they would be perfectly fitted to finding you an outstanding home for the best price, in your preferred school district.


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