Lakeland Home Security

Protecting your family starts with protecting your home, but with so many home security resources gathering home protection tips can be a bit overwhelming. We have compiled a list of the top 10 home security tips to help you get started on home security and protection. All of these tips are easy to implement and more affordable.

  1. Change the Locks

Remember to change all the locks when you move into a house. You will never know who had access to the keys before you moved in. If you lose the keys to your house, you should also replace all the locks for the maximum home security.

  1. Install an Alarm System

Alarm systems are one of the best forms of home security. Home alarm systems immediately inform emergency authorities and warn homeowners of any potential dangers. Seeing that a home has an alarm system often prevents an intruder from even attempting a burglary. Hearing an alarm go off usually sends a burglar running.

  1. Conceal All Wiring

Burglars often look for wiring around the exterior of a house and can cut it to disable the security system. Keep home security wires hidden.

  1. Give the Appearance That Your House is Occupied

Professional burglars scour neighborhoods looking for homeowners who are away from their home for an extended period of time. Automatic timers are great ways to turn lights on and off while you’re away.

  1. Don’t Leave Your Key in the Mailbox

This is a home protection tip that everyone has heard, but many still ignore it. One of the easiest ways to enter a home uninvited is by finding a key in the mailbox or under the doormat. Wrap your key in foil and place it in a secret spot that only your family knows about.

Lakeland is one of the best places to live in so many aspects, especially safety. It is the perfect place to raise a family, with a great sense of community! Keeping your family safe is the top priority, and that starts at home. Making these adjustments to your home, whether you have just moved in or have been living there for years, these home protection tips will help keep your home safe. When you work with an S&D Real Estate Agent, they can make suggestions that fit your family and potential home that best fit your needs in home security.



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