3 Reasons You Need An Open Plan Kitchen

Open floor plan kitchens are the most “people-friendly” of all kitchen styles, allowing for a smooth transition between dining, living, and recreational areas in the home. By remodeling your kitchen and living area you too can create one large open space with endless design and usability options.

An open kitchen plan allows for homeowners to enjoy the kitchen, living room and dining area together while keeping the purpose of each space defined. Carpets and properly placed furniture help designate these separate living areas without the walls. For example, outside of your open plan kitchen try creating a living room space by facing your couch away from the kitchen and section of the dining area by placing a large statement rug under the dining table.

Still not sure if it’s time to grab the sledgehammer? Here are three reasons you need an open plan kitchen.

  1. Be the Center of The Party!


Traditional small kitchen designs, such as galley kitchens, can be frustrating when entertaining guests because the design keeps you separated from the group. With this modern kitchen design you never have to miss the fun happening in the living or dining area while you are busy in the kitchen!

Feel free to invite over your large family or your group of friends with no fret. You and your guests will enjoy having more space to laugh, relax and have a good time. The heart of your home is open for your guests to enjoy.

      2. Increased Natural Lighting


Florida is known for its colorful sunsets, water views, and sunny weather so why live in a home that doesn’t allow you to enjoy these? By going for this more modern kitchen design you increase the amount of sunlight that comes into your home, making it a brighter and happier atmosphere.

Cooking, eating and relaxing after a long day becomes more pleasant when done beside the setting sun, while lazy Sunday morning breakfasts’ are enjoyed with a side of Florida sunrise.
     3. More Room for Activities


With less walls, comes more space. By ultimately combining the kitchen, living room, and potentially the dining room to create a modern kitchen design, you have gained an abundance of space. It is truly amazing just how much space you gain by knocking down some walls and replacing your small kitchen design. This will allow your friends and family the perfect opportunity to spread out and still be in the same space. Keeping an eye on kids and pets is easier than ever!

By transforming a small kitchen design into a new fresh and open modern kitchen design you get to enjoy the many benefits. If you are not looking to remodel, you are still in luck. Open plan kitchens are very popular and many homes for sale already have them. One of our incredible agents would love to help you find the home with an open floor plan that is perfect for you! Contact the home buying experts at S&D Realty today.


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